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Product Features

I/O Master RC-208A is a controller that can perform I/O control by serial communication. The pulse counter is built in, therefore, the motor control by the simple trapezoidal drive is available by combining with RORZE pulse oscillator built-in driver.

  • All I/O ports can be optionally used if the motor is not controlled.
  • Motor stall detection is available by the sensor and motor stall detecting slit. (Note that discal slit is disabled.)
  • Combination of up to 20 controllers (RC-208A and RC-234) is available as the Host controller of one PC, and low-cost multi-axis independent control is realized.
  • Stand-alone operation and PLC controller are available using the user program.

Main Specifications of the Product

Power voltage
18 to 40V DC (absolute max. rated voltage: 40V)
Power current
30mA or less (when using power of 24V DC)
Clock response frequency
Max. 100kpps (when motor stall is detected: 80kpps)
Positioning range
0 to 16,777, 215 pulses or -8,388,608 to +8,388,607
Number of positioning data
Acceleration/deceleration method
Trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration
General input
Input: 20points, Output: 16points (including motor control inputs/outputs)
Motor stall detecting method
STALL sensor
Communication method
Current loop method (RC-002 is additionally required.)
Communication speed
38400, 19200, 9600, 2400, 1200, 300 (bps)
User program
Storage capacity: 9kbyte (approx. 1500commands or equivalent)
Conforming driver
Pulse oscillator built-in type (RD-1 and RD-3 series)
Number of control axes
2 axes (only alternating control)
External dimensions
27.5 (H) × 105(W) × 56 (D) (mm)
Approx. 250g

Product External Dimensions

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