Management Philosophy

Origin of Corporate Name

RORZE (Lhotse) is the name of a mountain located next to the world’s highest mountain Mt. Everest (8,848 m). RORZE peak does not attract attention because Mt. Everest is higher, but it is a high mountain of 8,516 m.
In Chinese characters, RORZE is spelled with two characters “楽孜”; the first character “楽” (raku) means “pleasant”, “big hearted” and “easy” and the second character “孜” (shi) means “diligent” and “superior”.
RORZE CORPORATION supporting the semiconductor and FPD industries is the figure of Rorze peak supporting the world highest Mt. Everest at the side. We are convinced that this company’s name is fitted to “the company where people are enjoying their work with confidence in skills and expertise” which is our philosophy.

Philosophy of Establishment

[ Company RORZE aims at ]

  1. We build diverse networks at domestic and overseas bases in the global community, collect excellent talented personnel in each base, and perform research, development, manufacturing and service works.
  2. We create the company system that matches the personal era of individualism in order to foster excellent human resources.
  3. Company is a place to tie in with practical business by exerting the persons’ technologies, and to realize dreams for the future by improving persons’ technologies at the same time. Therefore, we emphasize practical achievement over salary evaluated by time management.
  4. We actively promote joint research and joint development with leading companies and related groups regardless of whether it is domestic or overseas to acquire the market trends in the semiconductor and FPD industries.
  5. We manufacture products and structure our corporation that meet the needs of the semiconductor and FPD industries in cooperation with local companies and research institutes in order to do businesses that can maximize the features at each hub such as Head Office, domestic bases, and overseas affiliates.
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