Commitment to Quality

[ Basic Principle ]

We aim to be “the World’s No.1 Company”, constantly considering the environment and promoting development of advanced state-of-the-art technologies, and contribute to the sustainable development of society by offering products that are trustworthy, reliable, and satisfactory for customers.

[ Policy ]

  1. We are devoted to create products that satisfy Q (Quality), E (Environment), C (Cost), and D (Delivery date), going one step ahead of needs.
  2. We satisfy all of the requirements, including the legal requirements, and continue to improve our quality and environmental management system.
  3. We set quality and environmental goals and periodically review them.
  4. We aim to improve the efficiency of production and operations to reduce waste, and to strive to protect the environment by managing chemical substances and designing environmentally conscious products.
  5. We aim to reduce energy to be used, and to optimize the amount of paper usage.
  6. The “Basic Principle” and “Policy” are to be well-known to all employees and open to public.

Commitment to Environment

  1. 1.Solar power plant

    We have installed the solar power plants in the head office and Kyushu factory using the “feed-in tariff for renewable energy” encouraged by the government. The total power generation is 1,275 kW, and it contributes to reducing carbon dioxide emissions of approximately 800 tons per year by generating electricity for approximately 420 households using 5,256 panels.


  2. 2.Promotion of factory greening

    About the headquarter factory completed in June 2000, we were awarded “Chairman’s Award of Japan Greenery Research and Development Center” in October 2004, as a result of our efforts for plant greening was appreciated.


Commitment to Society

  1. 1.WAZA-One GP

    WAZA-One GP is the event established by technology-based companies that worry strongly about “lowering of technical abilities” and “crisis of manufacturing”. It is regularly held for the purpose of enhancing the sophistication of manufacturing technology by bringing out children’s vitality through play from the old days and improving accuracy, exercising ingenuity in play.

  2. 2.Efforts to support balance

    We work for creating the employment environment necessary for employees to balance work and parenting, and work for creating the environment where children, who will lead the next generation in society, can be born and grow up in good health in accordance with ” Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children “.
    Work Life Balance Support Action Plan April 2020 to March 2025

  3. 3.Diversity

    We believe that the growth of our human resources is the growth of our company, and we will develop a system and culture that allows each individual to play an active role based on their strengths. We will promote diversity and encourage the creation of innovation so that diverse human resources can maximize their abilities.
    ・Ratio of women to employed workers: 26.3% overall / 6.7% for employees / 100% for associate employees
    ・Average overtime hours per worker per month: 19.8 hours
     (Both data for FY2020)

  4. 4.Mental Health Support

    We provide a free counseling by experts using telephone or email for all employees and their family members concerning mental health, general health, and nursing care.

  5. 5.Safety and Health Committee

    A safety and health committee whose members represent the company or employees is held once a month under the management of a general safety and health manager. this committee does planning, investigation, deliberation and so forth related to safety and health.

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