Message from President

With an ambitious intention, “Create what is not in the world”, RORZE CORPORATION has continued to contribute state-of-the-art technologies in the semiconductor and the FPD (flat-panel display) industries based on original technologies and experience for more than 30 years from our foundation.
Our handling robots and equipment with their high reliability and high-degree cleanliness, are operating in the semiconductor and FPD manufacturing facilities all over the world today.

Our life is surrounded by products which is the integration of the semiconductor and FPD technologies such as smartphone, PC, and TV. This technical importance will increase more and more in our life, and will continue to be the core which promotes social development and innovation.

RORZE returns to origin, and works for sustainable growth through development of new products and challenge to new industries. RORZE will also contribute to realizing innovative society with all stakeholders all over the world.


Originality of Co-creation: RORZE

People form a group called “party” when they aim for the top of the world’s highest mountains.
Many members of the party take a background role, and they play a very important role such as climate investigation and climbing decision including transporting goods.

As for the attitude that RORZE aims at, the image exactly overlaps with these supporting members.
We have thought of “Create what is not in the world” and “Create more excellent products”

The thought snuggles up to clients, and comrades, who want to build it up with us, get together.

Here is an idea of “Co-creation”. It is “Co-creation” not competing.
That is to create together toward the same goal instead of competing, and aiming at the top together.
RORZE wants to be a powerful supporting member who always snuggles up with the aim of getting further height.

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