Receipt of the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon

We have received the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon for our corporate version of hometown tax payment to Higashi-Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture in 2022.

Past announcements regarding the Setouchi Semiconductor Co-creation Consortium and the corporate version of hometown Tax

“The Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon” is awarded by the Japanese government to individuals, corporations, and organizations that have donated private funds for the public good.
We are honored to be recommended by the City of Higashi-Hiroshima to receive this award.

We will continue to engage in social contribution activities to realize a better society through the development of new manufacturing and manufacturing human resources.

[Inquiries regarding this matter]
RORZE CORPORATION Corporate Planning Office Administration Department TEL:+81(0)84-960-0205
Please send e-mail from the inquiry form in Website.

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