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Twist Incubator (Cool thermos twist series)


Product Features

“Twist Incubator” is compact multi module integrated the cooling heating, and shaking function.

  • Complying with SBS standard microplate footprint
  • Complying with microplates, PCR plates, microtubes and reservoirs
  • Applicable to integration with pipetting machines
  • Corresponding to manual access and robotics transfer
  • Attached controller is compatible to standalone use and integration
  • Various blocks and spacer for cooling and heating can be arranged. Also, customizations are available
  • We also have No shaking function type
  • Equipped with large size Peltier unit and high efficiency heat conductive sheet


Model TA-100 TI-100R
Name Thermal ALPS (Hie Hie) Twist Incubator (Hie Bie)
Cool Thermo※1 4℃~75℃±0.2℃ 4℃~75℃±0.2℃
Shaking function Non Magic Oval: shaking speed changeable
Size(Body, excl. blocks) W152mm×D102mm×H155mm (1.9kg) W152mm×D102mm×H165mm (1.9kg)
Size (Controller) W100mm×D330mm×H65mm (1.5kg) W132mm×D330mm×H77mm (2.0kg)
Power AC 100V 6A AC 100V 6A

※1:plate surface temperature at an ambient temperature of 25℃


Various customizations are available
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