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Wafer Handling System:Load Port



Product Features

The model RV201-F07-N is a N2 bottom purge type load port.
Original nozzle mechanism is used for gas control by mass flow controller.
The door opening/closing mechanism of the standard model is inherited, opening/closing of the FOUP door is precisely controlled, and high level cleanliness performance is realized.

  • Available for FOUP and Auto Door FOSB as a standard.
  • High cleanliness performance is attained by the original door opening/closing mechanism and precise motion control.
  • Low pressure loss filter is built in.
  • Original nozzle is mounted.

Main Specifications of the Product

Special specifications
Available for purge and turn type
Power supply
DC24V±10%, 9A
Compressed air
0.5MPa to 0.6MPa 10L/min or more
-60kPa to -80kPa, 10L/min or more

Product Dimensions (RV201-F07-N)

  • image


  • Info pad pin and lockout pin
  • RF-ID/Bar code
  • Customization of indication lamp
  • Available for E84
  • Available for External I/O
  • RS232C communication specifications
  • Temperature/humidity sensor

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