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Mask/Reticle Handling System



Product Features

RSR160 clamps the reticle edge in a minimum range to transfer the reticle without settling particles, and is available for the next-generation EUV mask.

  • Various carries can be handled by mounting RORZE POD opener.
  • Available for handling of pellicle-coated reticles(by changing the robot hand).
  • Settling particle is avoided using the air flow control based on the air flow analysis.

Main Specifications of the Product

Number of ports
Handling object
Photomask, EUV mask 6inches x 6inches (152±0.4mm, Thickness: 6.35mm±0.1mm)
RSP-200, RSP-150, EUV POD
Power voltage
Single-phase 200V AC ±10%, 50/60Hz ±5%
Current consumption
4kVA (20A/200 V AC) Including FFU
Vacuum (source pressure)
Vacuum (flow rate)
Positive pressure (source pressure)
0.6MPa to 0.7MPa
Positive pressure (flow rate)
N2 gas (source pressure)
N2 gas (flow rate)

Product Dimensions (Standard Specifications)

  • image


  • Reticle turntable
  • Reticle flipper
  • Reticle non-contact alignment
  • Reticle QR code reader

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