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Wafer Handling System:Atmospheric Robot



Product Features

RR759 is a boomerang arm robot and all axes have stepping motors with absolute encoders.
The synchronous interpolation of the arm axis and rotation axis enables 2-port access without the X-axis track. The double arms exchange wafers in the shortest period of time to improve the transferring throughput.
The robot X-axis track can be added outside to perform the simultaneous control from the robot side including the teaching positions. Accessing to all directions without rotation dead angle is allowed.

  • Stepping servo motors with ABS encoders are mounted on all axes.
  • 2-port access without X-axis track is available.
  • Heavier hand can be equipped by increasing the arm rigidity.
  • Control of the robot X-axis track is available.
  • Accessing to all directions without rotation dead angle is allowed.
  • Long-reach transfer is available.
  • In principle, RR759 is sold only as an integrated system products.

Main Specifications of the Product

Arm length [mm]
Z-axis stroke [mm]
Max. transfer position [mm]
R962 For 300mm wafer
Rot. range [deg]
Transfer accuracy [mm]
Cleanliness ISO-CLASS
Rotation radius
R320 Changes according to the wrist section and finger length.
Encoder specification

Product Dimensions (Standard Specifications)

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