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Product Features

Link Master RC-002C converts the voltage signal of normal RS-232C voltage signal to the current signal of the current loop transmission method.

  • Wiring and device maintenance is simplified because communication using only 3 signal wires is available.
  • Noise-resistance performance is largely improved using the current loop transmission method, and long-distance communication is available.
  • Using the master-slave method communication, up to 20 controllers are connected to one RC-002C as slaves.
  • Communication speed of up to 40 kbps is available.

Main Specifications of the Product

Power voltage
18 to 40V DC (absolute max. rated voltage: 40V)
Power current
100mA or more
Communication method
Current loop transmission method
RS-232C is converted to current loop transmission method.
Max. speed
External dimensions
Approx. 250g

Product External Dimensions

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