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Wafer Handling System:Aligner



Product Features

RA320-822-W is an aligner that has the Z-axis and X-axis mechanisms for compensating the wafer position in addition to the θ-axis. This is a small and lightweight type to reduce the installation footprint. Various kinds of the wafer alignment operations are available according to the type of non-contact optical sensors.

  • Wafer to be handled: Silicon wafers (Option: transparent (glass) wafers)
  • Small type and lightweight.
  • Small footprint.

Main Specifications of the Product

Wafer size
Dia. 200mm, 300mm
Notch angle accuracy
±0.2° Changes according to the alignment mode.
Center accuracy
±0.1mm Changes according to the alignment mode.
Positioning time interval
5 to 8sec Changes according to the type of the sensor, wafer size, and alignment mode.
Power supply
24V DC 4A
Communication method

Product Dimensions (Standard Specifications)

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