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Wafer Handling System:Vacuum Platform



Product Features

The PLVS/vacuum platform is a clean handling system which has high positioning repeatability and highly reliable vacuum partition performance using various units of the DDM (vacuum direct drive motor) drive section, which is a common feature of the vacuum robot and vacuum aligner.
The simple and high performance vacuum handling system is realized by combining system configurations to meet the needs of the customer to apply to various semiconductor applications such as E-Beam Lithography, PVC, CVD, Etch, MR Head Deposition, MEMS, and Inspection & Metrology.

  • Suitable system configuration and smallest footprint.
  • Clean transferring operation.
  • Ultrahigh vacuum.
  • High throughput.

Main Specifications of the Product

Load lock
Single, double, and buffer type
Single unit
DDM vacuum robot, Vacuum aligner, and Vacuum elevator
Work size to be handled
450mm works, 300mm works, 200mm works, 150mm works, and square substrates
Connecting process
1process to 8processes and various processes
Vacuum performance
1E-6Pa or less
Vacuum pump
Dry pump and turbo pump
Surface treatment
PM processing and various treatments

Other relevant products

Turntable RI150 SERIES

Work size to be handled
300mm works, 200mm works, 150mm works, and square substrates
Ultrahigh vacuum
Ultrahigh vacuum using the vacuum partition structure
Motion speed
0.000343 deg/pulse
Load capacity
1kg max.
±0.02deg Reference value for 300mm wafer notch orientation using a camera

Elevator RE161 SERIES


Ultrahigh vacuum
Ultrahigh vacuum using the bellows structure
Motion stroke
70mm or 300mm
Load capacity

RM Processing (Surface Treatment Technology)

Surface treatment

The surface area is minimized by planarizing the nano-level minute uneven surface using the etching process. Very low outgas performance is realized by lowering outgas and minimizing gas adsorption using the creating process of the dense oxide passive film.


The dense oxide passive film (thickness of 10 nm or less) is created on the surface after the “RM processing” is performed, and barrier effect for reducing of outgas included in the base material is expected. The residue is removed by performing the cleaning process after “RM processing” to minimize impurities.
Regarding the components of the outgas in ultrahigh vacuum and generated by baking, the most of the removed components are m/z=18 (H2O: water), therefore, a high cleaning level is realized without fear of impurity contamination.


This is suitable for vacuum chamber which needs the ultrahigh vacuum performance and low contamination performance, semiconductor processing equipment, semiconductor processing equipment improving throughput by shortening the time interval of vacuum evacuation with ultralow outgas performance, and handling chamber.

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