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CIMControlFramework (CCF) is a new equipment control framework that allows equipment suppliers to focus on their core business and still provide the supervisory control, material handling, factory automation, equipment engineering capabilities and software reliability that their customers demand.

  • High speed data processing by the data-driven architecture.
  • Full compliance with SECS/GEM and GEM300.
  • Full compliance with EDA/Interface A (Freeze I/Freeze II and E164).
  • Control your destiny with the source code provided.

Architecture Conceptual Diagram

  • image
  • image

Related SEMI Standards

  • SEMI E4 SEMI Equipment Communication Standard, Transport (SECS-I)
  • SEMI E5 SEMI Equipment Communications Standard 2 Message Content (SECS-II)
  • SEMI E30 Generic Model for Communications and Control of Manufacturing Equipment (GEM)
  • SEMI E37 High-Speed SECS Message Services (HSMS)
  • SEMI E39 Object Services Standard: Concepts, Behavior, and Services
  • SEMI E40 Standard for Processing Management
  • SEMI E84 Specification for Enhanced Carrier Handoff Parallel I/O Interface
  • SEMI E87 Specification for Carrier Management (CMS)
  • SEMI E90 Specification for Substrate Tracking
  • SEMI E94 Specification for Control Job Management
  • SEMI E95 Specification for User Interface
  • SEMI E99 Specification for SECS-I and SECS-II Protocol for Carrier ID Reader/Writer Functional Standard
  • SEMI E116 Specification for Equipment Performance Tracking
  • SEMI E120 Specification for the Common Equipment Model (CEM)
  • SEMI E125 Specification for Equipment Self Description (EqSD)
  • SEMI E132 Specification for Equipment Client Authentication and Authorization
  • SEMI E134 Specification for Data Collection Management
  • SEMI E148 Specification for Time Synchronization and Definition of the TS-Clock Object
  • SEMI E157 Specification for Module Process Tracking (MPT)
  • SEMI E164 EDA Common Metadata

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