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CO2 Incubator with automatic media exchange function.

  • Cell culture unit with automatic media exchange function
  • The drive system is completely expelled from the culture space
  • Breakdowns and vibrations caused by high temperature and humidity are eliminated
  • Automatic transfer (automatic loading in and out to the culture room on a plate-by-plate basis)
  • Throughput: high throughput of 16 or more plates/hour
  • Maintain the culture room environment with a unique shutter mechanism when the plate is carried in and out
  • With dry heat sterilization
  • 125℃ dry heat sterilization to every corner solves the operation problems of cleaning , decontamination and sterilization
  • Accomplish a clean flat surface in the culture space
  • Racks and carousels can be easily detached without tools
  • Easy operation with front touch panel


Size (Including stage)
640mm(W)×900mm(D)×1,900mm(H) (Inner Capacity 230L)
Storage Capacity
120 plates
More than 16 plates/hour
Medium type
1 type
Medium cooling storage unit
2~8℃ (Storage capacity max 2 L)
Temperature controlled medium supply unit
room temperature ~35℃
Dispensation Unit (Fixed Tip model)

Supply speed: 100uL/s~100uL/s
Supply quantity:100uL~500,000uL
Supply accuracy:CV 1% or less

Aspiration Unit (Disposable Tip model)
Tip model :384 Tip boxes × 1
Effluent(Drain) Speed:100uL/s ~ 2,000uL/s
Simple Schedule Software
Schedule by dish/group


Various customizations are available
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