Thanks for your visit Rorze booth at Semicon Japan 2016

Thank you very much for taking your time to visit Rorze booth and joining braking lid of Sake-Barrel to celebrate for Rorze upgraded to 1st section of Tokyo Stock Exchange at Semicon Japan 2016.
During the show, we have displayed new products like new robot to handle Fan-out panel for semiconductor purpose, Rorze original shutter type N2 Load-port, etc.
Due to the limited time of the show, we are afraid that we could not provide enough explanations about new products.
So please do not hesitate contact our staff for more detailed explanations about our new products. We will keep you up to date on subsequent developments.

Rorze booth

SEMICON Japan 2016


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    N2 Loadports (EFEM)

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    panel transfer robot RR759

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    Vacuum robot RR581

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    solution products

Sake Barrel Ceremony “Kagami-Biraki” (happy hour)

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Inquiry about products

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