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Control Device:Stepping Motor & Driver



Product Features

RD-323MS is a 2-phase Stepping Motor Driver that enables micro-stepping drive. Positioning control is available using the counter built-in I/O Master RC-208A because the pulse oscillator is built in.

  • Built-in pulse oscillator simply enables trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration operation.
  • Rotational speed can be set by the analog voltage.
  • Low vibration using high resolution micro-stepping.
  • Automatic current down circuit is used. (adjustable current value).

Main Specifications of the Product

Power voltage
18DC to 50V (absolute max. rated voltage: 40V)
Power current
Approx. 1.2times (max.) the rated current value/phase of the stepping motor to be used
Motor drive current
0.3 to 3.0A/phase
Drive method
Special bipolar constant current chopper method
Micro-step resolution
1/50 to 1/80 of the motor basic stepping angle
(Number of output pulses: 1/1 to 1/80 of the motor basic stepping angle)
Auto. current down
0 to 80% of the run current after 0.3seconds of inactivity of clock according to Stop current setting
Oscillating frequency
700kpps max.
Variable speed function
Analog input
Acceleration/deceleration time
20msec to 3sec
Protection function
Overheat, over current and low supply voltage protection
External dimensions
27.5 (H) × 105 (W) × 56 (D) mm
Approx. 250g

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