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Product Features

The bare wafer stocker (BWS600) is the hybrid system that has both stocker function and sorting function (for sorting normal production wafers) by providing the wafer storage area at wafer sorter. Sorting and storing wafers with saving space are available.

  • Up to 600 bare wafers can be contained and the divided area control is possible.
  • The high speed unit configuration sorts wafers with a suitable transferring pattern.
  • The internal shutter mechanism isolates the minienvironment stocker section from sorter section.
  • The automatic teaching reduces the teaching time interval.
  • IDs on both front surface and back surfaces of a wafer can be read.

Main Specifications of the Product

Number of ports
Transferring object
300mm wafer: Φ300 ±0.2mm, Thickness: 775μm
25-slot 300mm FOUP (SEMI E47.1) 25-slot 300mm FOSB (SEMI M31)
Power voltage
Three-phase 208V AC ±10%, 50/60Hz ±5%
Current consumption
14kVA (40A/200V AC) including FFU
Vacuum (source pressure)
-80kPa to -90kPa
Vacuum (flow rate)
Positive pressure (source pressure)
0.6MPa to 0.7MPa
Positive pressure (flow rate)

Product Dimensions (BWS600)

  • image


  • Edge clamp
  • FOUP for the stocker-mounted type
  • N2/XCDA purge
  • Bar code reader and RF-ID reader
  • Ionizer
  • E84
  • Chemical filter

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